Makkas Winery


Building on the tradition of their wine making ancestors, the families Psara, Andreou and Arseni, with the contribution of the Sidiropoulou family, have set as their goal to highlight in Cyprus as well as abroad, the distinct characteristics and qualities of the wines that the Cyprus Mother Land can produce. The ship of Kyrenia, which is the symbol of the Makkas Winery, transported in antiquity the exquisite Cypriot wine to other countries. According to archaeological studies such as that of Maria – Rosaria Belgiorno, Cyprus was the first Mediterranean country to produce wine.



For the Makkas Winery, quality is a cornerstone. All measures are taken to ensure the highest standards of quality starting from the vineyards until the wine reaches the consumer. A key aspect for assuring quality is our company policy of selecting the best grapes for winemaking at the sorting table.

The terrain and climatic factors are of crucial significance for the quality of grapes and wine. The Makkas Winery is located in the fertile soil of Statos – St. Photios region in the mountainous area of Paphos, at an altitude of 900-1150 meters. This location assures the production of quality grapes.

The wine temperature is the most important factor for the proper maintenance of Makkas wine. During the stage of serving, the temperature reveals or compromises its characteristics. Generally, the rule is that the wine should be refreshing without being cold since taste and aromatic characteristics do not emerge at very low temperatures.


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