Aromatic Olfactory Family – 100% Vegetable Wax Candle


The Olfactory Family Collection is an exceptionally luxurious aromatic candle, crafted using the best primary materials, 100% vegetable wax and a pure cotton wick, presented in a hand- blown glass container with lid.

A gift to delight the senses! We invite you to be curious and experience the creativity and craftsmanship behind La Cera Flamma. These luxurious, eco-friendly, scented soy candles are handmade in Cyprus using only the most premium natural materials and top quality essential oils. A variety of scents is available to tickle your senses!

Candle Scents:

  • FRESH: Fresh olfactory family scent includes aromas that use citrus fruits and oceanic cool that gives the perfect combination of the fresh and crisp aroma scent.

  • FLORAL: Floral is a combination of different flower scents with a powdery scent that is soft and dry. Typical floral and powdery family perfumes leave a clean and cared for feeling.
  • ORIENT: Sensual and warm it includes sweet base notes of vanilla, patchoulli, ambery and powdery notes, as well as spicy notes.
  • WOODY: A perfect scent for earth lovers. Woody scents are extremely grounding and feel like having a relaxing walk in the forest. It includes fragrance notes such as sandalwood, leather, cedar, oakmoss,, clove, tobacco notes that bring elegance and sophistication to the composition. 

Four gourmet flavours developed exclusively for Flower Boutique, by the famous La Galerie. (Passion Mango | Raspberry | Salted Caramel | Chocolate Gianduja)

Premium soy candles scented with essential oils. 100% vegetable wax and a pure cotton wick, presented in a hand-blown glass jar by La Cera flamma

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