Gift Set with Luxury Candle and Wick Trimmer


An exceptionally luxurious aromatic candle, crafted using the best primary materials, 100% scented soy candle 10oz, presented in black-gold glass jar with wick scissors in leather gift box

A gift to delight the senses! We invite you to be curious and experience the creativity and craftsmanship behind La Cera Flamma. These luxurious, eco-friendly, scented soy candles are handmade in Cyprus using only the most premium natural materials and top quality essential oils. A variety of scents is available to tickle your senses!

Candle Scents:

  • Romantic: When one inhales the scent of a rose, a plethora of moments and memories may spring to mind. Roses represent different meanings to each of us; however, one thing is for sure: this flower has been loved for generations. The scent of the rose, remains on the hand that gives it or it may unexpectedly bring back a distant childhood memory. A symbol of love, beauty and romanticism. Elegant and sweet in scent, roses are adored around the world. Enjoy our magically passionate pure roses, and let the magic of this scent enchant you. 

  • Pampering Cotton: Fabulous aroma of fresh, clean cotton. The perfect combination of fruity, powdery and musky notes it includes a unique blend of orange, passion fruit, raspberry, thyme and musk. 

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Candle Scent

Romantic, Pampering