Luxury Scented 100% Soy Candle – Amber Gloss


100% scented soy candle, presented in an amber gloss 10oz jar with a lid. Comes in a laminated gift box.

A gift to delight the senses! We invite you to be curious and experience the creativity and craftsmanship behind La Cera Flamma. These luxurious, eco-friendly, scented soy candles are handmade in Cyprus using only the most premium natural materials and top quality essential oils. A variety of scents is available to tickle your senses!


  • Gardenia: Rich, diffusive and strong .This delightful and refreshing floral scent will intoxicate all your senses 


  • Dragon Blood: You will absolutely fall in love with this mysterious, sweet and earthly blend of amber patchouli with rose, jasmine, lilac and grapefruit notes. Base notes of Madagascar vanilla and powder complete this scent. 


  • Oriental Cashmere: A cozy, rich oriental aroma perfectly balanced among sweet, woodsy and warm notes. Introduce yourself to notes of exotic spice cardamom combined with vanilla, coconut butter and alluring jasmine. Sandalwood, amber and powdery mask complete this sophisticated scent. 
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Candle Scent

Dragon Blood, Gardenia, Oriental Cashmere