Phalaenopsis Blue – Double stem orchid


Orchids in the genus Phalaenopsis are monopodial ephiphytic, sometimes lithophytic herbs with long, coarse roots and short leafy stems hidden by overlapping leaf bases. The leaves are usually arranged in two rows, relatively large and leathery, oblong to elliptic and sometimes succulent.


Care requirements:
Environment: Both indoor and outdoor. Orchids don’t do well in cold temperatures and during warmer months the plants should be kept under trees.
Light: This plant prefers bright, indirect light and should be best placed in an east to south-facing window or room.
Watering: Orchids need ample water but should be allowed to dry out some between watering. Water if about 2 cm into the soil is dry, otherwise, let it be.
Fertilizing: Fertilize weekly or bi-weekly while they are producing new growth and decrease to monthly or bi-monthly once they mature

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